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Habr native projects are image-building publications from large serious longreads to interactive video broadcasts. Our native projects help companies to build and promote their IT brand, and become a member of the IT community thus boosting the number of loyal job applicants.
What does native special projects give?
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We create and develop corporate IT brand
IT brand strength is a comprehensive value and a complex indicator reflecting how appealing a company as an employer is to the IT specialists. We will help in finding and motivating employees on Habr.
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We build reputation in the IT community
Habr is the place where companies share their stories about overcoming challenges and reaching achievements. This experience is invaluable and can prompt the readers to think or empathize. This is the contribution that everyone makes to Habr’s global knowledge base.
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We attract experts
All stories told on Habr are unique. Many of them are of use both to individual specialists and the industry as a whole. Deep expertise and the most detailed presentation are the Habr content values that cause a chain reaction attracting even more professionals to the company.
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We adhere to the true nativity principles
Habr native publications never hit head-on. They do not advertise or sell, but rather aim to delicately help in creating and maintaining image of a company capable of working to find business solutions and increase the audience loyalty.
How do we do it?
Text formats
Longread is the most organic Habr format. It provides the community with useful knowledge and helps in comprehending a technological issue or a difficult situation from an IT specialist’s life.
Sponsored article
Perfect for long stories.
This is a hybrid of a blog article and a landing page. Depth of immersion in the topic, engagement of many versatile experts, bright design and active promotion on Habr differ it from a regular publication
If you want to focus on the main thing.
A selection of articles and other useful materials that help delving into the subject of discussion and discover new details. Collection enhances the expert and educational image of the company.
Mega test
Easy way to start dialogue with the community.
An interactive format allowing to get objective assessment and the IT community’s opinion. We will carry you through creation of an expert test, a serious survey or a game that will intrigue IT specialists regardless of their experience level.
Mega quest
Complex game project compelling the users’ attention.
We invent universes with characters and plots, and integrate native ideas into them. Such projects spark interest, engage, fascinate and... address image goals.
Comic Strip
Story told in pictures instead of a thousand words.
A simple visual format that will provide a fresh look at your projects and draw attention to the company. This is an excellent way to tell about everything that is better described through images and associations rather than words.
Blog content
Optimal for the IT-brand support and development.
Regular publications capture the readers’ interest in the blog and the company. Depending on your objectives, we can develop a comprehensive strategy for company presence on Habr or a targeted content plan for your blog. We will form an IT brand, boost awareness, enhance loyalty of the target audience, and thus attract new employees.
Comprehensive offers
Communication strategy is a complex look at the company and its media image. We will review the entire media space: media, social networks, job-resources. Further, we will analyze the data, find the merits and flaws of the IT-brand, and offer a Big Idea for content communications, its development directions and specific topics.
Complex project involving several communication channels at once. Everyone can assemble their own success combo: for example, evaluate their product quality using IT users survey, tell the results in a sponsored article format and discuss the findings with experts from other companies and the Habr community in a webcast.
Habr is constantly evolving, the users’ interests change. Seasons will help to attract the attention of authors and readers to topical issues through the best feature articles competition. A season sponsor not only declares itself as an expert in the topic of chose, but also donates to the best Habr authors.
Video formats
Interactive broadcast to the Habr social media audience involving expert from companies and the community. Live broadcast aims to casually talk about working cases and share experience in solving complex issues, collect feedback and build a dialogue with the community.
Video broadcasts in our social media allow us to engage Habr users into any event (while additional promos increase awareness). We can narrate about the event not only to those who are accustomed to watching and listening, but also to those who still prefer reading.
Work stages
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Request from a client
/ 02
Discussion of terms
/ 03
Preparation of quotation
/ 04
Start of work
/ 05
Project implementation
/ 06
Content approval
/ 07
Project closure
Which format of native project are you interested in?
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